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06 July: ESG Webinar with John Curran

Accelerating an ESG and Sustainability Strategy for the Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Retail Sectors. Explore ways to move beyond a ‘tick-box’ approach to ESG ...

06 - 28 July: ESG & Sustainability Series

Putting ‘Ability’ into Sustainability. This series is aimed at helping you ensure your workforce is well-trained and on-board with your ESG and Sustainability Strategy

14 September: BRCGS Leaders of Tomorrow

The BRCGS Leaders of Tomorrow is an event to recognise the future leaders of our industry. Our inspirational speakers are purposefully selected to give attendees...

04 October: Food Safety Briefing Webinar

Hosted by Food Manufacture, this webinar will cover emerging global supply chain risks, how robust your audit and HACCP management is the latest developments in...

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