Employee Engagement

Simplify to Amplify

Nvolve gives you the tools to connect with your employees and transform Engagement into lasting morale and retention, seamlessly reducing turnover and fostering a culture of excellence.

Employee Communication

Nvolve transforms how your business communicates with your workforce to create a more engaged, informed, and motivated workforce, driving your organisation towards its strategic goals.


Streamline feedback to enhance organisational agility and reduce internal issues.

Job Boards

Facilitate career progression within your business and help decrease recruitment costs.


Increase operational efficiency by ensuring critical updates are shared swiftly.

News Stories

Strengthen organisational culture and employee alignment with corporate goals.


Performance & Recognition

Maximise efficiency, reduce turnover costs, and enhance quality of work by integrating structured feedback, goal alignment, and recognition into your performance strategy.

Performance Reviews

Harness structured feedback to pinpoint strengths and areas for improvement.

Career Goals

Boost productivity by leveraging goal-setting to ensure employee aspirations and company objectives are aligned.


Implement a formal recognition system to acknowledge and celebrate employee contributions.

Employee of the Month

Create a high-performance workplace culture and inspire all staff to aim higher.

Continuous Improvement Ideas

Deliver a continuous improvement program directly to the best source of innovation - your employees. Enhance employee engagement, quality and safety across your entire workforce.

Ideas Harvesting

Tap into the workforce's ideas and creativity to drive innovation, enhancing products, services, and processes for a competitive advantage.

Employee Safety

Meet health and safety regulations to avoid legal penalties, whilst building a healthy and safe workforce.

Rewards & Recognition

Recognise and reward hard work to motivate employees, encouraging them to elevate their performance.

Culture of Improvement

Enhance work practices, reducing waste and making the best use of resources for higher efficiency and productivity.


Employee Mobile Experience

Optimise training time, streamline onboarding processes, and improve retention rates with a superior mobile experience that offers convenient learning, instant feedback, and an engaging employee journey.

Learning On the Go!

Ensure employees are ready-to-go with pre-boarding learning at their convenience.


Positively influence new hires with initial impressions and long-term engagement with the company.

Employee Experience

Offer a superior employee experience to ensure employees are more engaged and likely to remain with your business.

Instant Feedback

The immediacy of feedback provided through apps allows for real-time adjustments, helping employees improve their performance.


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