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Preparing for a BRC Audit – Food Safety Standard

24 February 2016 Chris Elliott Leave a comment BRC Global Standards, Food Industry, Food Safety

Download Your White Paper   The BRC Audit White Paper This whitepaper outlines the important stages in preparing for your BRC Audit – Food Safety Standard including: Selecting a certification body Conducting an internal self assessment and 3rd party pre-assessment Selecting an audit option – Announced, Unannounced 1 and 2 and Global Markets option. A […]

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4 Benefits of a Paperless Workplace

8 February 2016 Chris Elliott 2 Comments BRC Audits, Technology

  The costs associated with a paper-based workplace extends far beyond printing costs. Security, time wasted and and poor practices regarding compliance auditing all amount to ‘holding’ an organisation back. The benefits of a paperless workplace far outway those of remaining in a paper-based environment.

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