How Instant Translations Accelerate Training 

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What we'll cover.

Discover how instant translations can revolutionise your manufacturing processes by ensuring all your training materials, including videos, documents, SOPs, and other crucial items, are accessible in multiple languages.

This webinar will explore the benefits of using auto-translations to enhance safety, compliance, and efficiency.

Learn how to overcome language barriers, streamline onboarding, and maintain consistent communication across your diverse workforce.

Join us to see how the latest technologies can make your training and operational materials universally understandable and effective.

  • Importance of multilingual training for compliance and safety
  • The key benefits - improved safety protocols, operational efficiency, and faster onboarding
  • Overcoming language barriers in diverse workforces
  • Practical strategies and technologies for effective video translation
  • Real-world examples and success stories
  • Q&A session with industry experts


Alan Morgan
Training Manager at ISS (Integrated Service Solutions)

Chloe Farrell
Product Marketing Manager at Nvolve

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