Coca Cola

Global Skills and Capabilities Platform

After reviewing Cornerstone, SAP / Success Factors, Workday and and others, Coca Cola concluded that Nvolve was the best solution to enable their global workforce.

Best Value for Money
ISO27001 certified for enhanced security
Available in mulitple languages
Designed for frontline workforces
Advanced global analytics

Employee Enablement through Skills & Capabilities

1. Addressing Skills and Capabilities with Nvolve.
Coca-Cola recognises the paramount importance of understanding and enhancing the skills and capabilities within their organisation. Through Nvolve’s platform, Coca-Cola has been able to identify skills gaps and implement targeted training and development strategies, ensuring their workforce remains at the forefront of industry expertise.

2. Coca-Cola’s Global Learning Framework Enhanced by Nvolve.
Coca-Cola’s structured approach to learning, encompassing experiences, insights from peers, and formal interventions, has been further elevated with Nvolve. The platform’s multilingual capabilities ensure a global reach, aligning with Coca-Cola’s worldwide presence. Moreover, being ISO27001 certified, Nvolve guarantees enhanced security, making it a trusted choice for Coca-Cola’s vast frontline workforce.

3. Gaining Valuable Insights with Advanced Analytics.
One of the standout features of Nvolve that Coca-Cola has capitalised on is its advanced site and global analytics. These analytics provide invaluable insights into workforce performance and training efficacy. Furthermore, with Nvolve’s streamlined upgrade path, Coca-Cola is well-positioned to achieve its future Connected Worker goals, reinforcing their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.


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