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The Workforce Excellence Show brings you the latest insights from thought leaders across important topics such as Learning, Engagement, Communication and Performance.

Episode 9: Ethics and Inclusion – The Benefits to both Employees and the Business

In this episode Chris Elliott speaks with Dr. Anne Nortcliffe, Head of School of Engineering, Technology & Design – Canterbury Christ Church University.
Ed Jervis, Change & Culture Lead at Serco.
Josefin Eriksson, Supply Chain Specialist at Bausch Health.

Episode 8: Digital Empowerment

In this episode Roisín McBride speaks with Ramesh Menon, Co-founder & Executive Director at Cevitr about the business benefits of using Digital Workers.

Episode 7: The 4 Enablers of Employee Engagement

In this episode Roisín McBride speaks with Jo Moffatt about the 4 Enablers of Employee Engagement.

Episode 6: Employee Experience

In this episode Roisín McBride speaks with Kelly Tucker about how communication, learning and technology can help make a great employee experience.

Episode 5: Positive Mental Health

In this episode Roisín McBride speaks with Helen Ginman about the role Companies play in Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Episode 4: Employee Engagement

In this episode we are joined by Jo Moffatt from Woodreed. We talk about Employee Engagement, Experience and Culture.

Episode 3: Quality Management and Validation

In this episode we are joined by John Lafferty from Northridge Quality and Validation. We talk about Quality Risk Management and the roles that both Workforce Excellence and Validation can play in reducing Quality-related risk.

Episode 2: Creativity, Innovation and Covid-19

In this episode we are joined by Joan Mulvihill, Digitalisation Lead at Siemens. We talk about creativity, innovation and getting back to work after the Covid-19 crisis.

Episode 1: Continuous Improvement – What’s in it for Employees?

In this episode we speak with Frank Devine, creator of the Rapid Mass Engagement Process.

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