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Workforce Excellence Conference 2021

Workforce Excellence Conference

Americas (EST)
Wednesday September 22nd 12:30 – 4:30pm

Thursday September 23rd 10:30am – 2:30pm

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HR Event 2021

HR Transformation: The Future is Digital

June 02 2021

This time we’re hosting back-to-back panel discussions aimed at generating insightful conversations around the digital transformation of HR.

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DTofLD - Nvolve Way

Digital Transformation of L&D – The Nvolve Way

MARCH 23 2021

Learn how Nelipak has Digitally Transformed their L&D with the fully validated Nvolve Learning Platform.

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The Digital Transformation in HR, Learning & Development Conference

FEBRUARY 16 2021

The Digital Transformation in HR, Learning and Development Conference will bring together some of the best minds in HR and L&D.

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Watch a short clip from Hamish Taylor’s keynote, Planes, Trains and Toilet Cleaners.



The Workforce Excellence Conference was held on September 23rd 2020, including 3 virtual rooms with speakers from multiple disciplines and industries covering Employee Experience, Operational Excellence and The Future of Work.

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