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Train your Frontline workers with Nvolve’s Training Management System

What is Training Management Software? 

A training management system is a software solution designed specifically for training employees. Ultimately, training management software is an operational-focused tool that uses automation to make life easier for trainers and employees.  

Nvolve will help you to use video learning for manufacturing, voice and images to create a much more dynamic experience and to transfer the knowledge of your more experienced employees to the next generation of your workforce. 

Do You need a Training Management System?

In terms of ROI you will need to know exactly what value a training management system can bring to your business. If your business is being affected by one or more of these 6 common challenges then it is time to invest in a training management system like Nvolve:

Overwhelmed by course administration

Organising and coordinating training in a manufacturing company can be extremely time consuming. From course scheduling to sending communications to delegates, if you are not being assisted by an automated platform then your training administrators will be rushed off their feet. This is especially applicable also if you are still using paper based workflows for your training.

Using a number of different systems

If you are using a few different systems for training, HR needs, compliance etc. then it is time you moved to one platform to cater for all your workforce needs which will benefit the whole business. Using excel based processes for one process and then a few other systems for other aspects of the business will end up costing your company substantially more than it needs to.

No idea of business performance

Business reporting and analytics are essential to any business and especially important when it comes to training your employees. It allows you to assess what is working and what is not. If you have multiple sites there could also be a correlation between site performance with regards to sites that have a training management system in place and those that do not.

Workforce overheads increasing

A training management system will significantly reduce workforce overheads costs. Along with the growing rate of standard inflation every business is facing, employee related costs such as onboarding and training continue to increase. Reduce labour turnover and retain your current staff by investing in a training management system. Your employees will feel valued that they have an efficient, easy to use solution to complete their training needs.