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Protect Manufacturing Workers from Threats of Extreme Heat Conditions

With unprecedented heat levels across Europe, it is important to protect manufacturing and supply chain workers with heat safety management.

The U.K.’s first-ever red warning for extreme heat is in effect for the heart of England this week, with temperatures up to around 106 degrees predicted to roast an area from London all the way north to Manchester and York.

Your employees’ well-being is undoubtedly the number one priority when it comes to heat safety. There are extreme health risks associated with employee exposure to high heat levels. Employers in the manufacturing & supply chain industries are obliged to create safe work environments with the current extreme levels of heat which could put their employee’s health at risk.

We have put together tips on how you can educate your employees on how to prevent heat-related illnesses:

  • Have processes in place so that employees can adjust themselves to the heat through short exposure periods followed by longer exposure until their body is acclimated to the heat. It may take 14 days or longer.
  • Encourage employees to drink lots of liquid to replenish the fluid that their body is losing through sweating. Drink water to stay hydrated (about 1 cup every 15 minutes), and electrolyte drinks (sports drinks) to replace salt. Have facilities in place for hydration, provide water & sports drinks for your employees during times of extreme heat.
  • Schedule work activities during the coolest parts of the day. Advise employees to take the time to rest and cool down before they feel symptoms of heat stress.
  • Have a policy in place where employees are obliged to report symptoms of heat-related illness in themselves or co-workers to their supervisor immediately.

If your employees must work in hot environments, it’s important to know the risks and symptoms of heat-related illnesses, and how you can prevent them.