Nvolve Privacy

Data Access

Data Transparency

As part of our Data Transparency policy under GDPR, you can request access to any personal data processed by Nvolve Group Ltd. Any request will be reviewed and acted upon within 48hours.

Current Nvolve Group customers and users of our products should create a support ticket within the platform.

Alternatively, you can contact support via support@nvolvegroup.com


Data Processing Document
We have a comprehensive document outlining the ways we process data. This document is available upon request via: support@nvolvegroup.com


Marketing and Communication Material
Nvolve Group Ltd. uses a variety of tools to communicate with our audience. We have implemented an opt-in policy for our contact forms to ensure that you are aware of how we process data.

We have implemented a double opt-in policy for subscribers of our email marketing lists, where you can unsubscribe at anytime at the bottom of each email.

If for some reason you are unable to unsubscribe from any list, please request to unsubscribe by contacting us at support@nvolvegroup.com