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People Empowerment: Manufacturing Training Trends 2023

Ten years ago, it was clear the manufacturing industry was facing a daunting talent shortage in the years ahead. Long-time employees were retiring, the worker pipeline was dwindling due to a loss of interest in manufacturing as a sustainable career, and technology was changing rapidly.

Here we are in 2023. Throw in a global pandemic, looming recession and the situation has become a national crisis. We hear frequently from customers lamenting these challenges.

Workforce development is essential: People empower manufacturing.

For the industry to advance and innovate, the workforce must be prepared and motivated. The need for richer, scalable training and workforce development is more important than ever. 

Fortunately, there are key training trends that are positively impacting the industry:

Delving into Technology Training

During the pandemic, manufacturers were forced to adapt, finding new approaches to solve supply chain, customer service and human resources challenges.

The industry moved toward transformative technologies including additive manufacturing and 3D printing, automation and robotics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and more.

It’s critical that companies strengthen and expand their manufacturing training programs to ensure incumbent employees and new hires have the skills and knowledge needed to optimise use of these new technologies.

New training tools that rely on changing technology such as a Connected Workforce Solution are helping to accelerate the ability to put skills-ready individuals on the floor and make them more productive once they are there.

Online learning delivered to employees how and when they want it continues to grow in popularity as part of a blended learning solution. At Nvolve, we have seen increased demand for our eLearning courses on topics ranging from health and safety to quality and technical. Some customers tell us it is easier to track completion of courses for audits when offered this way.

We have also launched our Auto Translations feature which is extremely beneficial for our customers. When you select the languages you require at your site, every document ie. SOP, Work Instructions etc. you have will be auto-translated into that language immediately. ,Making training seamless for employees of all nationalities.  

Digital transformation, both in manufacturing and in the classroom, delivers a bonus: It is helping reframe manufacturing as a modern, desirable career opportunity for younger generations.

Focus on Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing adoption to boost productivity is an imperative for success of the industry and our country.

Smart manufacturing refers to the use of  advanced technologies and data analytics to optimise the manufacturing process. This includes the use of sensors, robotics and automation to improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase flexibility.

However many companies are still reporting a lack of skilled workers to support digitisation plans as one of the top constraints with respect to skills and talent. Developing training resources that remain current with rapidly changing technology and focus on democratising access to training on smart manufacturing skills will help this constraint drastically. 

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