Softworks and Nvolve’s cooperation allows organisations to eliminate time-consuming manual processes, increase efficiency and create a fully connected workforce across key areas of employees’ working lives.

Why did Softworks and Nvolve decide to partner?

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Nvolve is a provider of innovative digital solutions that eliminate the use of paper-based work instructions, standard operating procedures and manual checklists allowing manufacturing organisations to accelerate their journey to the workforce and operational excellence.

While Softworks Workforce Management Software transforms employee management and increases productivity through the automated management of employee Time & Attendance, Scheduling and HR Processes.

Transforming and connecting better with your workforce

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Softworks and integrating Nvolve with their best-in-class Workforce Management Software. With Softworks helping to take the pain out of scheduling staff in multiple shift patterns, managing employee absence and tracking time & attendance and Nvolve helping businesses reduce their costs, protect their revenue and reduce their workload by creating a fully connected workforce – we have a market leading one-stop solution to help our joint customers accelerate their digital transformation journeys.”
Barry Harper
Barry Harper
CEO, Nvolve
“Nvolve’s digital solutions for improving learning and development, sustainability and compliance processes truly complement Softworks ethos of making our customers’ working lives easier and more productive through improved employee time and attendance, scheduling and HR management. Together our solutions can transform the way organisations manage their people and processes and bring significant quantifiable benefits for employees and employers alike.“
Andre Ferguson - CEO, Softworks
Andrew Ferguson
CEO, Softworks

Softworks: Workforce Management Software that works for your workforce

Softworks powerful Workforce Management Software is built and supported by years of experience and proven ability to understand and address just about any workforce challenges across all major industries. Their quality project management, consulting, training and support services guarantee a competitive edge now and into the future.

Softworks automate time-consuming administrative tasks related to your employee management in a way that increases employee engagement, improves profitability, ensures compliance and helps provide strategic insights for your organization.

Why Choose Softworks?

  • The most integrated and configurable Workforce Management Software in the industry
  • Deep experience solving workforce challenges with quality solutions
  • Superior analysis and more granular information
  • Personal approach and commitment to customer attention
  • Ability and readiness to move quickly
  • Flexibility to meet your needs
  • Unmatched service quality
  • Ease of use
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