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With excellent Customer Reviews, Nvolve has already won the hearts of hundreds of customers and users all over the world.
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Nvolve has developed 4 separate partner engagement models, each suiting the different needs of our partners and our customers.
Referral Partners – As an Nvolve Referral partner you will send Nvolve warm introductions and the intro is registered as an Opportunity. If it closes in a certain time period, you will get a share of the deal revenue.
Technology Partners – This is where you have an existing SaaS solution and we partner together in order to build an integration between our products and then share it with prospects and customers.
Value Adding Partners – his category also includes System Integration (SI) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partners. The Nvolve Partner sells our solutions and adds value to them, either through services or additional product capabilities.
Strategic Partners – Nvolve also develops long-term Strategic Partnerships where we have deep alignment and collaboration across multi-business goals such as product, marketing, and selling.

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