Accelerate Your Operational Excellence Journey

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Accelerating Operational Excellence through Rapid Mass Employee Engagement

This webinar is lead by Frank Devine, Managing Director of Accelerated Improvement Ltd.
As a renowned expert in Operational Excellence, Frank is joined by another Industry leader in his field, Paul Kearney, as they discuss the implementation of Frank’s theory on Rapid Mass Engagement.

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  • Webinar recording
  • Article by Frank Devine
  • Audio Podcast

Get it right the first time – every time.

Put your Workforce at the Core to create an Operational Excellence Mindset and Culture.

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    “Nvolve has ensured we can train many employees quickly and at our own pace. We receive accredited certificates within a few hours of completing the training”
    Andrew Dawson
    Managing Director at IPS
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    “We haven’t had to store any paper records for the entire year. We can now see a gradual improvement year by year.”
    Simon Clackett
    Training & Development Integration Manager
  • “What we got from Nvolve Group was a piece of technology that is very easy to use, very clean for the user and delivers to them an understandable piece of technology on their desktop.”
    Peter Murphy
    Head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs
  • “The Nvolve platform allows us to control all our procedures and with appropriate version control. The platform also allows me to view all the information I need when I need it with very little hassle.”
    Darren Helsby
    UK Training Manager, CSM Bakeries