Continuous Improvement
Welcome to your April 2023 edition of Success @ Nvolve. We would like to share with you some exciting new upcoming developments on the Nvolve Platform. Please view these updates below:

Digital Procedures Update

You may notice that Operating Procedures is no longer in your Learning Management menu, don’t worry, it hasn’t been removed.

We’ve made an update to Operating Procedures and renamed it to Digital Procedures which now includes a Job Breakdown tab. The Job Breakdown Sheet is a step-by-step training aid for your staff which allows them to use this as a reference of the required steps to complete the task/job.

Here you can add any steps involved in completing a particular training item and have your employees complete the Job Breakdown Sheet as part of their training experience.

You will also be able to track and analyse how long it takes each employee to complete each Job Breakdown Sheet created on the platform.

Supporting Questionaire

We’ve add a questionnaire feature to each training item on the platform where you can get feedback from your employees based off that training item.

A few examples of how you can use this is a medical questionnaire as part of induction, a feedback form on training, an evaluation form of the training, etc

Manager Weekly Email

Similar to the Employee Weekly Email which is live currently, now your managers will receive an email which shows the outstanding training items for their direct reports.

You must request for this email notification to be turned on.

Nvolve Platform Updates Video

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Nvolve account manager.