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IPS Culina Group's ESG 9-Point Action Plan

Nvolve Customer Connect Summit -
IPS Culina Group's ESG 9-Point Action Plan

Guest speaking at our Customer Connect Summit was also Simon Wooffindin, Health Safety & Environmental Manager at IPS Culina Group.

IPS Culina and Nvolve recently worked together on launching their ESG & Sustainability strategy. This entailed a document with a 9 point action plan along with a webinar promoting it.  

Simon began his presentation by explaining his journey with Nvolve as he used the platform in a previous company before getting buy-in from senior management to use Nvolve in IPS Culina Group.

He says the platform has transformed certain areas of the business and is simple and very easy to use.

Simon then approached Nvolve regarding advice and guidance on developing their ESG & Sustainability strategy. Major customers of IPS such as large retail chains were enquiring about their ESG strategy. The timing was perfect as Nvolve were rolling out a series of ESG webinars.

Simon worked closely with Nvolve on developing an ESG document with the main factor inside being their simplified 9 point action plan. This document was then shared on the screen for the audience.

Simon talked through the document and how their ESG strategy affects various parts of the business from production to engineering and HR and it all bases around the Connected Workforce.

Simon then brought us through their 9 point action plan which is a practical and tangible way of measuring the deliverables of their strategy.

Simon went through each point in the plan and you can see ESG in action in IPS.

IPS has placed their Sustainability and ESG goals at the core of their Business and have partnered with Nvolve to help them deliver on a Visible, Auditable and Actionable Connected Workforce strategy.

Simon is especially impressed with the new ESG dashboard on the Nvolve platform, with its reporting capabilities it is invaluable for the interest of suppliers and customers.