Connected Workforce
Barry Harper Connect Summit

Nvolve Customer Connect Summit - The Product Road Map With Barry Harper

On our Customer Connect Summit 2023 Nvolve’s CEO Barry Harper presented the Nvolve Product Roadmap. Barry ran through the plans and vision for Nvolve and what is coming in 2023. Barry discussed how a Connected learning approach with its skills & capabilities leads into a Connect
Workforce and what this means for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing along with a connected business. Barry acknowledged the commitment and support from Nvolve Customers which makes us feel proud as a business.

Over the years Nvolve has honed into 5 different areas: 

First is the Learning Management portal and this is where we have our document controls, SOPs etc. The most recent update in this area is our machine translations. This is rapid translations of your SOPs and various documents so that the learner can access these documents in their own
language. We also launched our video learning feature, as we move away from static learning to more interactive learning with imagery.

Barry explained that we have moved forward with our Tablet App, e-signatures have been the main ability of the tablet app however we have now brought QR codes into this which delivers rapid access of content.

Next, he moved on to the Mobile App, this is exciting but also poses some challenges. Previously when we rolled out the mobile app, the feedback from customers was that it was hard to get adoption of the mobile app with just the learning element. However, we have now developed additional modules to drive up the engagement.

Barry then discussed the Blended Learning element which has evolved over a number of years. The key pads are used now to convert powerpoints into e-learning courses. 

The final area is the efforts put into the ‘Nvolve Marketplace’. The Nvolve platform use courses from other vendors such as National Skills Academy, iHasco & Zenosis etc. and as a result of this the concept of the ‘Nvolve Marketplace’ was created. The plan in 2023 is to expand this with more partners. These courses are fully imbedded into Nvolve which means customers can add them to their work group and their training plans and be able to report on these e-learning courses from these companies.  This will improve the overall customer experience. 

Listen to Barry’s webinar taking us through the Nvolve Product Road Map and more