Paperless Auditing Solutions

Manage your internal auditing Faster, Easier and with No Paperwork!

Many of our Group Learner™ customers have asked us could we also help them remove the mountains of paperwork that is created as a result of all their auditing activities and to make the whole auditing process faster and easier. Our Modern Auditor™ solution does just that.

Modern Auditor™ is a paperless compliance auditing platform that removes a significant amount of paperwork from the day to day compliance auditing activities such as Internal Audits, Corrective Actions, Supplier Documentation and Risk Assessments. Modern Auditor™ can be used a stand alone solution or it can be fully integrated with Group Learner™ to create a single Paperless Factory solution.

Ditch Your Audit Paperwork and Clipboard

Use tablet devices instead of your clipboard.

Create and Manage Corrective Actions

Create corrective actions (including photos) using your tablet device.

Stop Using Excel For All Your Tracking

Full tracking and automated follow up on Corrective Actions.

Scheduling internal audits

Manage Your Internal Audit Schedules

Never miss a required audit by advance scheduling.

Be Audit Ready

Be always ready for unannounced Customer and other Audits.

Compliance Visibility Reports

Complete Compliance Visibility

Real time visibility on your level of audit compliance.

Detailed and Automated Reporting

Automated and real time compliance reports.

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Group Learner™ makes auditing so much easier as we don’t have to pull records and look through paper files. Theoretically, our customers could come to the head office and audit training records for any of our sites from there.

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