Management Console

A single location to manage Employee Learning
and Compliance.

Compliance dashboard

An LMS Built for the Frontline Workforce

Nvolve’s Learning Management System is designed to meet the challenges of Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Distribution, and Food Production companies.

  • Manage your employee directory
  • Assign employees to work groups
  • Assign courses, documents and procedures
  • Manage document control and up-revision
  • Generate custom reporting dashboards
Learning and compliance dashboard

Clear and Easy Reporting is Crucial for Success

Automate, customise and share reports including:

  • Training and Compliance
  • Procedures for Live, Approval and Review Reports
  • Live and Summary Employee Reports
  • Manager Matrix and Training
  • Work Group Reports
  • Employee and Policy Awareness
  • Customised Reports
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Trusted by the world’s top frontline workforces

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Trusted by the world’s top frontline workforces