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IPS Culina Group ESG Event - Sept 22 - Review

The IPS ESG webinar took place on Tuesday 20th September and was well received by the audience.

Users of the Nvolve platform, IPS Culina Group, recently started their ESG & Sustainability journey by putting a connected workforce strategy at the core of their business.

On this webinar we were joined by  Barry Harper, CEO Nvolve Group and Simon Wooffindin, Health Safety and Environmental Manager at IPS – Culina Group with introductions and Q&As with Eimear Doyle, Marketing Department, Nvolve Group.

Together Barry and Simon gave a very insightful presentation about IPS Culina Group’s ESG & Sustainability story. Barry started off by giving a brief explanation as to how a connected workforce can be an essential component towards building your environmental, social & governance goals.

We were then handed over to Simon who began by taking us through the IPS Culina Group’s desired ESG strategy document. Barry & Simon both complimented each other throughout the presentation as they both gave their perspectives on various topics within the document. They went through the document in detail however also simplified approaching an ESG & Sustainability strategy for companies who haven’t started the process of implementing one yet.
Simon talked us through their 9-point ESG action plan which clearly showed ESG in action in IPS as these action points are visible, auditable & actionable.

Forty five minutes later Barry & Simon wrapped up the presentation, in this short time they gave the audience a very clear & concise message about beginning your ESG & Sustainability story with a connected workforce.
Following the presentation there was a Q&A session where the attendees were free to send in any questions they had on the chat feature on the Crowdcast platform or else on LinkedIn. Barry & Simon effectively answered all the questions that came in giving great advice to our audience.

The recording is available for anyone who would like to look back at this webinar. Definitely worth a listen back – well done Barry & Simon 😊