Improve Employee Experience

Spend less time and cost recruiting employees by providing a great place to work

Create a culture of belonging and help your employees to achieve their best.

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Voice of the Employee

Provide your employees with the ability to submit improvement ideas, knowing that they will be followed through by management. Traditional improvement idea methods such as paper-based and spreadsheets go into a box unnoticed, and the employee voice is not heard, and they feel undervalued. Nvolve‘s digitisation of this approach means that all ideas are tracked and acknowledged by management.

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Employee Recognition & Rewards

Driving employee performance is increasingly becoming more than just a carrot and stick game. Motivating deskless workers who are, as it were, frontliners, requires more sincere commitment that can have deep and lasting impact on the person. The Nvolve platform incorporates organic effort recognition mechanisms that uses technology to ensure that every positive effort by an employee is noticed and that all efforts add up to something significant and memorable.

Engaging an Employee

Employee Engagement

Participatory management means that employees feel they are intrinsic parts of the organisation. But being aware that their feelings and challenges are observed, acknowledged and acted upon can also increase employee’s empathy with the organistion’s management and earn their trusts. The Nvolve platform profides simple and intuitive tools to engage the employee and give them a sense of security and assurance, that the organisation has their back always.

Boss Talking with Employees


Sharing of thoughts, feelings and other information in clear and unmistakable languages between employees and management not only enhances understanding but also eliminates surprises and fosters trust. Ultimately, it leads to more productivity. Nvolve significantly narrows the gap between the two ends of the hierarchy, removes all suspicion, makes all staff have a unified sense of purpose and puts managers in full control of their workforce.

More than just an LMS!

A consistent user experience across your Online Console, Tablet App, Branded Employee App, Blended Learning Tools & Ready to Go eLearning Courses. Available in 12 Different Languages!

Nvolve Platform

LMS: Management Console

Manage your entire L&D process in one online solution

eSign: Document Control

Manage your operating procedures and eliminate paper with tablet eSign

Branded Employee App

Put your employees at the core of the business with your own branded app

Blended Learning Toolkit

Create Blended Learning for delivery online, offline and in groups


eLearning Course Catalogue

A wide range of courses available for delivery across all devices

Really want to take Employee Experience further?

Look at Nvolve’s Workforce Excellence Add-on Modules.



Enhance communication with and among your deskless workers.

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Continuous Improvement

Digitally capture and manage your improvement ideas.

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Employee Recognition

Reward your workers so they are encouraged to perform better.

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Performance Management

Manage employee goals to drive business outcomes

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