Blended and Paperless Training Management

Manage compliance training faster and easier!

All-in-one paperless solution for your entire compliance training needs

Compliance Visibility

Real time visibility to your level of training compliance

Paperless Sign off

Group Learner™ E-Sign technology using tablet devices.

Remove Excel

Remove Excel completely for tracking and monitoring

Audit Ready

Be always ready for all your Customer and other Unannounced Audits

Up Revision Control

Training matrix updated automatically when you up revise documents

Reporting Tools

Run comprehensive training reports at anytime

Manage Work Groups

Easily manage training plans across different workgroups

Document Training

On the job access to documents, Work Instructions and SOP’s

Group Learner™ Platform

Real time compliance visibility with detailed and automated reporting.

Group Learner™ Tablet E-Sign

No need for filing cabinets full of paper records as sign off captured on tablet devices.

Group Learner™ Training Matrix

Remove Excel as the method for managing your training matrix

Group Learner courses on desktop and ipad

Group Learner™ Courseware

Group Learner™ comes with a full catalogue of courses such as Health and Safety, Food Safety, Slips Trips and Falls and many more. All our courses are fully endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

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Group Learner™ ESOL Assessments

Conduct ESOL Assessments fast and without paper using the Group Learner™ keypads or Group Learner™ tablet app.

Group Assessments

Assess in large groups of trainees using the Group Learner™ keypads

Individual Assessments

Assess individual trainees using the Group Learner™ tablet app

Literacy Assessment

Assess both English reading and listening skills

Numeracy Assessment

Assess trainee basic numeracy skills

Group Learner™ Keypads

Easy to use keypad system that transforms traditional classroom training into a fully engaging and completely paperless event.

Long Range

Keypads with a 75m+ range and up to 250 keypads per session

Radio Frequency (RF)

No need for line of sight, as keypads use Radio Frequency

Durable and Long Lasting

Keypads include a robust carry case and extra-long battery life

Flexible, Easy to Use

Keypads can be used with the Group Learner™ course player and Respond Point™

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Group Learner™ makes auditing so much easier as we don’t have to pull records and look through paper files. Theoretically, our customers could come to the head office and audit training records for any of our sites from there.

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