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Friends First are a life assurance company who use a customised version of Nvolve’s Technology to confirm they are meeting their financial regulatory requirements.

As financial regulatory requirements have increased in recent years, Friends First realised they needed a technology solution to ensure they remained compliant.

Peter Murphy, Head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at Friends First said:

‘We need to be able to do more than simply say we’re complying with rules and regulations but be able to prove it’.

Nvolve Group worked with Friends First to develop a solution based on their existing technology and adapting it for the financial services sector.

The customised solution developed by Nvolve, named Compliance Manager provides Friends First’s Board with Management Information, which enables them to fully understand where they stand in relation to compliance risk.

Resolving Your Industry Challenges

Significantly Reduce Your Compliance Costs
Reduce tangible and intangible costs associated with paper, file storage, lost customer orders and regulatory costs.

Don’t Simply Say You’re Compliant. Prove It!
Demonstrate compliance to regulators at the click of a button or touch of a tablet device.

A Smarter Way to Reduce Risk
Remove Excel spreadsheets as the method for tracking and automate your compliance process.

Build a Culture of Compliance
Ensure internal and external stakeholders are compliant at all times with the click of a button.

Management Information at the Right Time.
Use reporting dashboards to provide the right information to the board and senior management.

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Solutions Specifically for the Financial Services Industry

Custom-built Solutions

Customise Nvolve’s Compliance Solutions to fit your exact needs.


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White Paper Policy Awareness and Compliance Cover

Achieving 100% Policy Awareness and Compliance.
Financially regulated organisations are now using technology to take much of the leg-work out of confirming compliance.


SAMPLE REPORT Compliance Risk Report sample cover

Sample Compliance Risk Management Report
As part of our Compliance Management service, we generate this report every month.


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What we got from Nvolve Group was a piece of technology that is very easy to use, very clean for the user and delivers to them an understandable piece of technology on their desktop.

Peter Murphy
Head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs

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