What would you like to know?

  • Pricing Information

    Where Can I Get Pricing Information?

    We provide a comprehensive Pricing Proposal and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA).
    We don’t just share this information with everybody on the internet of course 🙂
    And we will need a few details to provide accurate pricing information to you.

    Head over to the Pricing and CBA page to get started.
    Get a Pricing Proposal and CBA Now

  • About Nvolve Solutions

    How Do Nvolve Solutions Work?

    The best way to see our solutions in action is watch a demo or our customer case studies.

    Watch a demo
    View the case studies

    We also have a few ‘General Overview’ videos on our Youtube Channel

    Group Learner Overview Playlist

    Here’s a example.

  • Who's it for?

    Who Uses Our Solutions?

    We have customers from a variety of industries including, Food Manufacturing, Packaging and Logistics, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices and Temporary Recruitment. We also provide customised solutions for other industries, including the Financial Services industry.

    Customer job roles represent those responsible for Training and Compliance, including Manager and Senior Manager levels. A few examples are:

    • Training managers
    • Group L&D Managers
    • Quality Managers
    • Compliance Managers

    The best way to get started is to view the Industry Pages in the menu above.

    You can learn about some of these customers in the Case Studies section.

    Simon Clackett, Quality Systems Manager for Bemis Healthcare Packaging. Watch the full video case study.

  • The Technology

    Are Your Solutions Cloud-based or In-house Installations?

    Both – The vast majority of customers use our cloud-based installation as it is the simplest method. However, we do provide customised solutions if you require.

    You can view details on customisation here.

    How Do I Get Spreadsheet Information Into Your Solution?

    You can easily import information via CSV file.

    We provide you with templates and help you import them to our system.

    Do You Support Multi-sites / Groups?

    Yes. You will have the ability to monitor compliance of the Group and each site.

  • Getting Started

    Do You Provide a Demonstration?

    Yes. A demo can be arranged at anytime, however we recommend that you view our current, On-demand Demo or other Webinars first.
    From there we would be happy to provide a one-to-one session with you or your team.