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Does your company need a Connected Workforce System?


Recognise What Is Happening In Your Organisation

We acknowledge that over the last few years manufacturing, production & supply chain companies have digitised many of their processes. However there is still an underlying issue with how work is organised across the entire business. Paper based processes are still taking place and  systems are not aligned with each other creating unnecessary, time consuming daily tasks.

A Connected Workforce Increases Efficiency

With the hectic work environment in most companies in these industries, Managers need the quickest way to communicate to their employees. It is still prevalent in these companies to use traditional based communication such as word of mouth, email, phone or pen and paper. If this is still the mind set in your organisation then it needs to change! This lacks efficiency and speed and is unmotivating for all employees. Having a modern and competent system in place for all your processes will make life easier for everyone in your organisation. In particular, having your HR, L&D, Health & Safety, Quality, ESG and maintenance & operations SOP’s, checklists, learning modules etc. in the one place will result in successful audits.

Indicators You Need A Connected Workforce System

We have identified some indicators that your company needs a technology push towards a connected workforce platform. These will assist management to discover if technological support with a modern connected workforce system could be of help to everyone.

  • You print, SOP’s, checklists, training documents etc. on paper which results in more time searching for and finding the needed document
  • Training and onboarding depend on shadowing instead of training-on-the-job supported by videos and an e-learning environment.
  • Quality issues are detected too late
  • Skill transparency is limited to personal knowledge of the manager.
  • Individual skill development and the organisations required skills are not transparent to management. Therefore it is harder to fix skills skills gaps.
Since implementing Nvolve, spending on training has drastically reduced. This has enabled the release of funds to focus more on career progressions and to support employee’s aspirations.

– Simon Wooffindin, Regional Health & Safety Manager

Find The Solution

These indicators cause inefficiencies within your organisation which can be easily avoided through the use of modern, reliable technology. By implementing a Connected Workforce system such as Nvolve you can transform the way work is scheduled, executed and measured.

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