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Do you need to change your Learning & Development Platform?

We have designed the questions you need to ask yourself to help you on your journey to purchasing Digital L&D solutions for your company. It can be a big undertaking and involve various departments to come together to make a final decision. The market for learning solutions is extensive with no shortage of options to choose from. Therefore, it can be difficult to know what is important for your business when it comes to selecting the right choice. Use this guide to consider the options that are important to your business and relevant to the Manufacturing industry

Your Learning Development Platform should be at the epicentre of your company’s training programmes. It gives you the invaluable ability to build, publish and gather data surrounding your training efforts.

Learning Management Systems come in a variety of forms, most of which are designed for corporate environments and not for those with deskless workforces.

If your current Learning platform is not delivering the results needed for your Manufacturing business (not many are!) then these are the things to consider when changing:

  • Is the system easy to use, simple to understand, and reliable, with an average uptime of 99.99%?
  • Does your Learning platform meet the latest ISO Security Standards?
  • Can courses run on muliple devices, such as tablets for on-the-job training?
  • Are training items easily accessed for auditing and certification purposes?
  • Does your Learning platform support multiple languages?
  • Are important documents and SOPs synchronized to a central location?
  • Does the Learning platform provide Single Sign-On as an option?
  • Can Employee signatures be captured electronically?
  • Does your current provider act as a partner in helping you achieve real results for your business? Are they responsive to your needs and quick to answer questions?
  • Does the vendor provide regular, value-based and ROI reports.

Benefits of Switching Learning & Development Platform

Expectedly, many of the benefits of switching LMS platforms align with the considerations in the paragraph above. Some of the benefits you should expect with switching include

Consolidate your training solutions

If you have multiple systems in place for training employees, or multiple solutions for training employees, you should be looking for a multi-tenant LMS. Solutions that enable you to train multiple audiences within one, centralised solution enables you to consolidate and share the cost of one solution across your organisation. As well as cost savings, this ensures that you have a solution that can scale to meet the business’s needs.

Better User Experience and Engagement

Our relationship with our devices is constantly evolving, and these changes affect what users expect from an LMS. Engagement features that felt ahead of the curve five years ago are now table stakes, and it’s important for learners to feel like they’re using a system that’s familiar to them and meets their expectations.

Better Return on Investment (ROI)

L&D teams understand the importance of being data-driven. Customisable, robust reporting is essential not only to understand the impact of your training efforts, but also to increase buy-in among leadership and make sure that your organization is adequately investing to achieve training objectives.

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