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Covid-19Nvolve is joining the global fight against Covid-19 by waiving the normal cost of our unique Mobile App based communications platform to companies and organisations working on the frontline fight against the virus.

Currently, organisations may be using tools like emails, whatsApp and Instagram which are not effective in connecting with and managing communication with many people at once, especially if those people are remote, deskless or working on the frontline. Nvolve’s platform gets rid of all this chatter, is easy use, requires no development effort and can be ready in just a few days.

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Helping frontline, deskless and remote workers do their jobs is Nvolve’s area of expertise, so we are uniquely placed to help organisations combat this crisis.

To get our platform and mobile app for free, all we ask is that organisations who get in touch, work on the frontline or offer services that are helping us all deal with the Covid-19 crisis.

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