Connected Workforce

Characteristics of a Smart Connected Workforce Solution

 Over the past few years, connected workforce solutions in the manufacturing and supply chain
industry have taken on more of a core importance in these companies. The future of manufacturing operations will still
 rely on people. To keep up with where the industry is going in terms of Industry 4.0 you have to give your industrial workforce a digital edge.

It is important to point out that the amount of planning and collaboration it takes to implement a solution that works for all plants across levels and locations is not easy.  

There are a few factors you need to take into consideration when shopping for a global and enterprise-ready connected workforce solution to get you moving on your journey. 

data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including developments in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and advanced robotics.

1. System Interoperability

Interoperability refers to the ability of systems to connect and exchange information with one another readily. More & more digital applications are being utilised in larger organisations. Centralising the data and connecting workflows is essential. Many companies still have multiple locations for tracking and accessing training information. Nvolve has developed many partnerships over the years, making it easy for integrations of different systems. For example, before Coca-Cola invested in the Nvolve platform their on-the-job training and procedure-based training were captured in an excel based VSM while classroom training was in HR files and elearning in Thrive Learning. With a connected workforce solution like Nvolve, all this information is stored and can be accessed from a single location.

Integrations have now been built between Nvolve and various systems to ensure that the information is kept up to date: The Workday Integration, The ETQ Integration, The Thrive Learning Integration, and many other partners integrate with Nvolve which ensures that employees are trained against the most up to date procedures and that new training requirements are automatically flagged in Nvolve.

2. ‘Glocal’ Systems

Glocal strategies are tailored to both global and local considerations. This allows the spread of technology and innovation with a focus on local needs.

We understand that C-level management has requirements such as scalable actions and holistic insights which take a high billing when searching for the right Connected Workforce solution providing support at all levels of the business.

Nvolve for example provides support across all levels of the business. We provide access restrictions at site-level and department levels.    

3. Sharing

Sharing refers to the distribution of centralized knowledge that caters for organisations to maintain document and process standardisation. Connected workforce solutions make this possible in a few clicks and ensure clear standard adherence. Customers of Nvolve successfully use the platform’s knowledge-sharing capabilities to optimise access to approved, standardised content at the right time and place.


4. Languages

Languages refer to the different forms of communication users across different locations have in global companies. Nvolve has clients with plants across various locations around the world therefore we understand the need to have the platform available in many different languages.

Our solution has 35 different languages making it accessible to plants across the globe. There is a fundamental need to understand important communication and instructions in your language which is deceivingly simple and can become a make or break for companies with an international presence.

5. Translation Support

Using a platform in your language of choice is useful, however, if the content and documentation do not support local languages then this will create major limitations.

Recently Nvolve has developed a platform to automatically translate documents from one language directly into another. These are high-quality real-time translations. We respect the language and cultures in different organisations and the point of this is to make all employees feel included in their workplace. Nobody is left behind!


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