This year on the 23rd September 2020 Nvolve hosted their first-ever virtual event, The Workforce Excellence Conference.

The event had over 1,200 registrations, over 50 speakers and over 30 sessions.  During the day these were spread out between 3 separate rooms covering topics surrounding Employee Experience, Operational Excellence and The Future of Work.

All 3 rooms were brought together in the middle of the day for the memorable Keynote Speech by Hamish Taylor.

Here’s a recap of how the day went:


Keynote Speaker: Hamish Taylor
The most notable session of the day was that of keynote speaker Hamish Taylor. Hamish has an award-winning record of driving innovation and change in several very different environments.

He was trained in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble, a Management Consultant at Price Warehouse, Head of Brands at British Airways, CEO of Eurostar, and a CEO of Sainsburys Bank – all before he was 40!  In each case, he left behind a record of significant growth/turnaround triggered by a willingness to challenge industry/organizational norms and place the customer at the core of all activities.

Hamish presented a great speech titled “Planes, Trains and Toilet Cleaners: Understand, define then engage your workforce into a standard of excellence” that gave attendees an insight into his past experiences, some practical advice to take home with them and a good laugh at his humor and ability to make light of any situation.


Room 1 – Employee Experience
Business Leader

Room 1 hosted a range of great speakers covering all things Employee Experience, Engagement & Wellbeing.  The day began with a talk from Jonathan Ruff Senior Project Manager for HR Experience and Engagements for DHL on “The Move to a Digital Engagement Strategy”.

The room hosted over 30 speakers throughout the day with some great panel discussions on HR Best Practices, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health & Fitness and Engagement & Change.

One of the highlights of the day was a session focused on a conversation between Sacha Dekker & Richard Beagle titled “Back from the Brink – A conversation about resilience and mindset, and also returning to work with a disability.”


Room 2 – Operational Excellence
manager training new staff

Room 2 focused on Operational Excellence looking at topics such as Continuous Improvement, Voice of the Employee, Quality & Risk.  Room 2 included several sessions with experts on mentoring and performance including Grant Downie OBE a Consultant in Medical & Performance Solutions at City Football Group Ltd. Grant took part in a Fireside Discussion on “Peak Performance”.

In the afternoon more of the sessions looked at planning & the future with a quick but effective presentation on “The New Hybrid Work Model Post Covid-19”.


Room 3 – The Future of Work

Room 3 seen sessions from over 20 speakers throughout the day with a strong focus on the future of work and change after Covid-19.

The morning started with a discussion between Joan Mulvihill and Martin Stepek on “The Role of Creativity in the Changing Environment”.

The rest of the day seen sessions on Cultural Change, Employee Wellbeing, Continuous Learning and the role of technology in the future of work.

In the afternoon, a session with Neil Seligman gave attendees some tips on how to incorporate “Conscious Leadership” into their roles and how to inspire the solutions for tomorrow.


If you would like to catch up on any of the sessions from the Workforce Excellence Conference 2020, all of the recordings are now available to view here.  Due to the success of the first ever Workforce Excellence Conference Nvolve will be holding the Workforce Excellence Conference 2021 next year, so look out for future updates on the event.