By Frank Devine – Accelerated Improvement Ltd.

The Rapid Mass Engagement Process

Rapid Mass Engagement Graphic
The Rapid, Mass Engagement Process is Phase 1 of a 6 Phase approach.
This article explains Phase 1.

The key themes which are critical to achieving cultural transformation will be explored below:

  • Typical mistakes that organisations make when they attempt to engage their workforces
  • The concept of ‘motivation towards’ in contrast to ‘motivation away from’, which explains why a burning platform is not essential
  • What engagement means and why it is not the same as involvement, participation or consultation
  • Culture change options: ‘top down’ or ‘bottom up’?
  • Why the process is Rapid and Mass
  • The difference between the width and the depth of engagement and why both need to leverage each other
  • How the culture changes in advance of the explicit processes designed to change it, what I call the bow wave effect
  • The necessity to optimise both the Social and the Technical aspects of a system (Trist 1981)
  • Why engagement alone is not enough

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