What is Real-Time Compliance?

Building a robust culture of training compliance

September 6, 2017 in Compliance, Workforce

Real-time compliance refers to the ability to see at anytime across the entire workforce, who is compliant, what actions are required and the ability for individuals to take account/control of their own areas and provide information.

Compared to a paper-based system, technology provides the ability to automate the reporting process, significantly reducing time, whilst ensuring reports are accurate and up-to-date.
This in turn leads to managers and supervisors being more involved in the compliance of their teams.

Compared to a paper-based system, technology provides the ability to automate the reporting process.

With real-time compliance, when a customer or auditor visits a site, the ability to electronically present reports greatly improves the confidence in that site’s ability to meet training and other requirements such as ISO or BRC certifications.

For reporting purposes, real-time compliance cannot be achieved with a paper-based system. It is not possible to see exact level
of compliance across the site with accuracy using paper-based methods and storage.

Real-time compliance is most effective when used on the factory floor.

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Taking Compliance Onto The Factory Floor

Maintaining and tracking paper-based documents is cumbersome and time-consuming work for managers and employees. Paper-based systems lack control and accuracy that digital systems can provide, whilst time is wasted searching for and communicating data across the factory.

Implementing technology-based systems on the factory floor enables companies to centrally control and store important documentation from orders, material, suppliers, training documents and SOPs.
This enables those on the factory floor to easily see at anytime the most recently revised documents, whilst being able to sign these documents, without having to move or store anything physically.


First Steps to Real-Time Compliance

  1. Start digitising current paper documents
    Scan current important documents for use with a technology system.
  2. Start transforming documents or work with a technology partner
    Transform documents to a cloud-based storage system.
  3. Implement your paperless strategy into your training program
    Start importing training data and capturing sign-off electronically.

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