Technology has transformed the way we work in the 21st century. Although the removal of paper from the workplace has been slow-moving, companies are now realising the benefits of moving toward a paperless workforce.

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Productivity and Profitability

A move towards a paperless factory allows manufacturers to become more productive and profitable compared to companies still operating paper-based systems. With a paperless learning strategy, factory managers and employees have access to up-revised and controlled documentation, improving efficiency while significantly reducing costs associated with managing such large amounts of information.

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A Culture of Compliance

A paperless factory is better positioned to build and maintain a culture of compliance.
Overall Benefits:

  • Reduce costs and compliance risk
  • Improve document control
  • Remove storage space
  • Ability to up-revise training documents
  • On-the-job training and eSigning


Reducing print-related costs and improving compliance.

Maintaining and tracking paper-based documents is cumbersome and time-consuming work for managers and employees. Paper-based systems lack control and accuracy, whilst time is wasted searching for and communicating data across the factory.

Paper Cost Savings Table


The Paperless Strategy

It can be demonstrated that implementing a paperless training and compliance strategy, has a direct impact on a site’s overall compliance rate.

The ability to take training and document revision onto the factory floor, is not only saving companies valuable time and money but is helping them build a better culture of compliance.

Companies who have implemented a technology solution to monitor document control are saving up to 7 hours per day in staff time compared to paper-based processes.

  • First Steps In Reducing Costs.
  • Find out what you are printing now.
  • Conduct a site-wide analysis on current printer usage.
  • Calculate the potential cost savings
  • Use a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) to discover potential savings.
  • Start digitising current paper documents.
  • Scan current important documents for use with a technology system.
  • Start transforming documents or work with a technology partner
  • Transform documents to a cloud-based storage system.
  • Implement your paperless strategy into your training program.
  • Start importing training data and capturing sign-off electronically.
  • Develop a reporting strategy to manage compliance.
  • Start using electronic reporting features for both training and auditing requirements.


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Realising The Benefits

The benefit of implementing change far outweighs the cost of using out-dated paper based methods.

A cost benefit analysis should be conducted to gauge the rate of savings across the company, considering printing, productivity and training output improvements.