When manufacturing operations fall behind and don’t meet the schedule, it impacts every internal and external department from assembly line, to warehouse, to transportation and more.  Supply chains can only be as good as the people who are managing them.  This means that it is just as important for manufacturers to keep their employees in good shape as well as their equipment.

Many organisations believe that saying “thank you” is enough to show employees that they are being recognised.  Other organisations will acknowledge things such as birthdays, years of service and end of careers.  But to see greater benefits such as increased productivity, improved delivery times, increased retention, reduced absenteeism and more committed and engaged employees, manufacturers will need to embrace a culture of consistent and repeated employee recognition.

By creating a recognition programme, employees can easily give and receive praise on a frequent basis and collect points that can be redeemed for rewards.  Recognition programmes can also solve a range of problems that arise in the manufacturing workforce.  Using a recognition platform can help manufacturers in the following ways:


Increased Engagement

Employee recognition goes hand in hand with employee engagement and when employees are committed and engaged a company is much more likely to thrive. However, in the manufacturing industry many employee’s feel actively disengaged.  Often workforce’s have large numbers and it can be difficult to connect with individual employees in meaningful ways.  By having a recognition programme in place, employees have the power to connect with and recognise each other. Recognition is also the leading driver of employee engagement.


Improved Workplace Safety

Recognition drives behavior. Therefore, when an employee is recognised for performing a specific action, they are more likely to repeat that action.  By recognising and rewarding employees for displaying behaviors that promote workplace safety these key behaviors are reinforced across the entire organisation. By making employee recognition part of the overall employee experience a positive feedback loop is created leading to greater levels of workplace safety.


Strong Sense of Workplace Community & Culture

The simple act of leaders and peers expressing recognition to each other for a job well done is enough to create a strong sense of community within a workforce.  It lets employees know that they are a valued part of the organisation.  This can help improve many challenges such as lowering turnover & enhancing company culture.


Increased Productivity

Engaged employees are significantly more productive than disengaged employees.  These employees will work more efficiently and proactively to do a good job.  When they can see that their efforts are being recognised by others then these employees are likely to work harder to receive this recognition.



Manufacturing environments need an engaged workforce to grow and thrive.  Employee recognition is critical in helping retain talent, boost engagement, and motivate employees to be more productive.

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