The Challenge

CSM produces and distributes an extensive range of bakery products and ingredients for artisan and industrial bakeries and for in-store as well as out-of-home markets.

Darren Helsby, UK Training Manager at CSM states: “I really needed a system that controlled the whole training process whilst maintaining accuracy and flexibility, something that could provide a centralized database to drive the CSM strategy forward across our range of UK operations.

Standard Operating Procedures and proving competence were managed through excel worksheets which was very time consuming primarily if procedures had to be updated or if individuals moved job roles. When we had customer audits coming up we were not exactly audit ready, whilst the records were in place sometimes a search party was needed to collect them”.

CSM Case Study

The Solution

What Darren was looking for was a simple solution that would automate and help control his entire training process and allow him to move away from his excel spreadsheet for the management of procedures.

Nvolve’s training and compliance solution ticked all the boxes for CSM and was soon implemented onsite at their sites in Bradford, Wirral, Daventry and Ashington.

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  • “What we got from Nvolve Group was a piece of technology that is very easy to use, very clean for the user and delivers to them an understandable piece of technology on their desktop.”
    Peter Murphy
    Head of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs
  • “The Nvolve platform allows us to control all our procedures and with appropriate version control. The platform also allows me to view all the information I need when I need it with very little hassle.”
    Darren Helsby
    UK Training Manager, CSM Bakeries
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    “To date we have trained over 2000 people using this technology, which allows us prove compliance at the click of a button.”
    Magda Adamkiewicz
    Operations and Compliance Manager - recroot Ltd
  • “What we were looking for is one system to help manage our training academy, documents, standards operating procedures and sign-offs in one location as opposed to having multiple excel sheets managing all this information.”
    Dean Hunter
    HR Director, Kinnerton Confectionery