Nelipak Healthcare Packaging


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The Challenge

Prior to implementing a training technology solution, Nelipak found it was difficult to track the progress of training or to know with accuracy, who was trained and compliant. As a result, compliance across the organisation was inconsistent.

The Company felt they needed to move away from traditional spreadsheet tracking to a more dedicated platform; something that would provide a greater level of document control.

Simon Clackett, Training & Development Integration Manager for Nelipak Healthcare Packaging revealed that:

‘When a company transitions from a smaller to a larger company, you can’t rely on spreadsheets anymore’.

The Solution

As an ISO Certified Company, Nelipak must demonstrate that training and document control procedures are in place, whilst ensuring all staff are trained and compliant. They must also demonstrate to their customers the ability to remain compliant.

Since 2017, the Nelipak Healthcare Packaging site has reached and maintained a 99% compliance rate.

Simon Clackett states:
‘We haven’t had to store any paper records for the entire year. We can now see a gradual improvement year by year.’

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