Announcement from the CEO, Barry Harper
Friday 27 March 2020, 10:00am

Good Morning,

We would all like to do our bit to get stuck into this crisis. Having watched the news lately there are now hundreds of thousands of people and organisations getting involved at a grass roots level. Communicating with them effectively is going to be really challenging.

Therefore we have decided to make our Internal Communications Module free of charge to any organisation that is putting themselves out there to help.

If your organisation is on the frontline helping others through this Covid-19 crisis then our mobile app-based Internal Communication Module can help you communicate effectively with your team. See this short summary video below.



Your branded app and account will be ready to go in a few days without the need for any development or effort on your part.

Simply contact our team if you want to learn more and please feel free to share to your own network.

Be safe!

Barry Harper
CEO and Founder

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