Nvolve Platform Announcement
Wednesday, 20 February 2019 – 11:00am

Good morning and I trust that you are well.

If you have logged into our online platform this morning you will notice that we have made a change to the Learning Management Tab on the main dashboard – see the image below outlining this change.

Blended Learning Screenshot

Since our move over to the new user interface we have received a lot of very positive feedback and also some improvement ideas from our customers to further enhance our platform.

One of those ideas was to separate the Nvolve Courses section back into two groups (Customer and Nvolve Courses).

We have now moved as of today the Operating Procedures to the second item in this list and have added in a new Blended Learning section, where we have separated Blended Learning into the following three sections:

1. Customer Courses
This is where you can access and create all the information you need on your site specific courses e.g. Onboarding, Inductions, Stronger Together, Employee Handbook.

2. Nvolve Courses
This is where you can access all the information on our full courseware catalogue – our off the shelf food safety/health & safety courses.

3. Group Uploads
This is where you will upload the designated files for any of our Group/Keypad based training – either any of your own site specific courses or any of our Nvolve food safety/health & safety courses.

If you need any further clarification on any of these changes, you can give us a call in the office or email any of our technical support team members, thanks in advance.


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