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On the 23rd September Nvolve will run our first ever virtual event; the worlds first Workforce Excellence Conference.  #WEC2020 will bring together industry leaders from the likes of Oracle, Boston Consulting Group, Siemens, B.Bruan, Bausch Health, DHL & many more.  With 56 speakers and 30 + sessions spread across 3 virtual rooms covering topics related to Employee Experience, Operational Excellence and The Future of Work.


The event is free of change.  So, you can claim your free ticket here.


To get the most of your virtual conference experience follow these tips, sign up & show up!


Before the Conference begins:

  • Organise your schedule. It is essential to plan ahead and decide on what sessions you want to see.  You can maximise the value of your experience by reviewing the conference agenda and selecting the sessions you want to see in advance.  Check out the speaker profiles here.
  • Prioritse your time.  As the Workforce Excellence Conference is spread out over 3 rooms, we would advise that you read over the agenda here, make a note of which rooms the sessions you have chosen are in and set reminders for the sessions you don’t want to miss.
  • Get your setup ready. Minimise distractions by setting yourself up in a quiet place and make sure you have your phone set to silent.  Try to use a laptop instead of a smart phone to attend the conference and check to see if you have a strong WiFi connection.


During the Conference:

  • Participate in the sessions. Take notes and ask questions.  There will be opportunities to take part in live Q&A ‘s and online polling.
  • Stay social. Be active on social media by using the conference hashtag to share your thoughts and see other participants and speakers’ updates.  Connect with other attendees and speakers on Twitter and LinkedIn.


After the Conference:

  • Check out the replays. Catch up on any of the recorded sessions you might have missed.  All sessions will be recorded and released after the event, so you can re-watch anything you might want to see again.
  • Share any key takeaways you have on LinkedIn and other platforms. Set up a session or call with friends or colleagues to discuss what you have learned and how it will be beneficial in the future.


The Workforce Excellence Conference (#WEC2020) will run on the 23rd September 2020 from 9.25 AM until 5:10 PM (UTC +1). If you would like to attend the Workforce Excellence Conference, sign up for your free ticket here.