This article is a summary of the first episode in a ten-part series titled:
10 Things That Make a Great Leader.

In this episode, Employee Engagement expert and influencer, Debra Corey looks at how leaders can own and role-model their company values.

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What are company values?

A set of words, sentences or paragraphs that state or suggest that the company has decided that they are valuable, unique and important to them and their workforce.

The organization’s essential and enduring tenets – a small set of timeliness guiding principles that require no external justification; they have intrinsic value and are important to those inside the organization.

– Jim Collins and Jerry Porras, Built to Last

Why are company values important?

In this episode Debra looks at 4 key areas as to why values are important.

  1. Company values define who you are as a business
  2. They guide decisions and actions
  3. They fuel your workforce – providing energy and passion
  4. Drives employee engagement – improving productivity and employee and customer retention.

How can you own and live your company values?

Values are not just meaningless words but are important strategic tools for the company. Which is why we need our employees to embrace and live them.

If your values are the plays that you pull together to win a game and none of your employees are reading or using these, then you’ll never win the game.

That’s why, to win the game, leaders need to role-model their values and show employees what they look like in action.

Debra covers in further detail 4 tips to owning and living the values.

  1. Understand what your values are
  2. Understand what your values mean to you and your team
  3. Educate your team on your values
  4. Practice living your values over and over again

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