How Great Companies Develop Great Bosses

October 23, 2019 in Employee Engagement, HR, Debra Corey

Do bad bosses ruin lives webinar

Watch the webinar replay by Debra Corey
Do bad bosses really ruin lives?

Debra Corey, who was recently named one of the top 101 global employee engagement influencers, shares with us some valuable tips from her recent talk with Nvolve: Do bad bosses really ruin lives?

In the talk she looked at six key tips on what can your organisation can do to develop and support good bosses.

You can learn more about Debra’s experience with bad bosses on her blog Why bad bosses truly do ruin lives

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1. Hire the “right” managers

Often we hire people who might be technically proficient, however we don’t look at the more important leadership traits. It is important they have those leadership traits or the potential to gain them.


2. Give them the “right” development

We can’t expect our managers to magically transform into good bosses. We really need to be there, to give them the development programmes, which help them on their way.


3. Give them the “right” support

You can’t simply place them in a training programme and think they can just do it. You need to give them constant support to make them a good boss today and in the future.


4. Give them time to manage

We need to ensure we free-up their time to let them do their job as a good boss. Not to do the job themselves but to lead their employees in an effective way.


5. Hold them accountable

One way is to weave it into your performance development, management or recognition plan. Whichever way, you need to be clear that you expect them to act in a certain way and hold them accountable and create consequences if they don’t.


6. Remove them if they don’t perform

This can be tough! You’ve done everything possible to create a good boss but it is not working. Be brave and remove them from the organisation or the role. A bad boss is not doing the team or the business any good. In fact it’s not doing them good either, to be in a role where they can’t succeed.


So how is your organisation doing in relation to these six points? What are you doing now and what else could you be doing better to create good bosses and not bosses?

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