Employee Engagement – 10 Companies to Watch

August 6, 2019 in Employee Engagement, Employee Experience

employee engagement - 10 companies to watch
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In today’s workplace, change is constant.

Employee engagement has the ability to transform the way we see and feel about a company.

How employers engage with employees alters the way people perform their job, how they feel about going to work each day and transforms retention rate – a place where employees want to stay!

In this ever–changing workforce, companies are constantly developing plans to win the employee engagement race.

We have listed some of the progressive companies from Europe, the UK and Ireland, who are thinking of all possibilities when it comes to enhancing employee engagement.

In no particular order, the top ten we have selected are based on several factors including:

• Employee Engagement Activities
• Glassdoor rating and reviews
• Achievements and awards

The companies on this list are not necessarily the largest organisations or the most recognised brands, however they all have something in common.
They are making a major impact within Employee Engagement.

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