BRC Grading Chart

*Updated 21 August 2017

BRC Audit Grading

June 16, 2017 in BRC Audits, Food Industry

BRC audits are graded on the number and type of non-conformities with food safety standards.

The Non-conformities can be either:

  • Minor
  • Major and
  • Critical

The level assigned to each non-conformity depends on the nature of the item that is audited.

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Announced Unannounced Non-conformities Corrective actions
AA AA+ 5 or less minor Evidence within 28 days
A A+ 6 – 10 minor Evidence within 28 days
B B+ 11 – 16 minor
1 major 10 or less minor
Evidence within 28 days
C C+ 17 – 24 minor
1 major and 11 – 16 minor
2 major and 10 or less minor
Evidence within 28 days
D D+ 25 – 30 minor
1 major and 17 – 24 minor
2 major and 11 – 16 minor
Revisit within 28 days
Uncertified Uncertified 1 or more critical
31 or more minor
1 major and 25 or more minor
2 major and 17 or more minor
3 or more major
Not certified – Re audit

Report and Certification

Beyond the audit, a report and certificate will be issued, where the new certificate will replace the certificate from the previous audit and will outline the key aspects of the audit.
The report will convey with accuracy the findings of the auditor and will be added to the BRC Directory.

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