Great Employee Experience starts with a great on-boarding process. Getting it right from the beginning is crucial for success.

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Here are 9 steps that can help you kick-start the process.

1. Engage Key Stakeholders
This includes all departments not just HR or Internal Communications.
Start with small things like making introductions with your new hires and key members and as many other people as possible to show your new hires that they really are welcome.

2. Plan Everything
The first week should be completely mapped out, you can get templates of week 1 inductions to help you get started. Having their workspace all set up and even giving maps of the building so your new hires can navigate through the building.

3. Create 360 Feedback Loop
Create time for feedback from both sides. Giving the opportunity to allow your new hires to voice their opinions and concerns is vital, this can be done with weekly or monthly meetings, you can even include their buddy/mentor in this process. You can also give the opportunity to ask for anonymous feedback. Having a company app can help you in the process, as they allow for fast surveys and feedback.

4. Make Their First Day Fun
Try choosing a unique on-boarding method and try setting objectives with your new hires. Try asking what their expectations are, see if you are on the same page, and work with them to see what goals they have. If their expectations are not what you can offer, then this is the time to address it.

5. Use Technology
Does your company have its own app for sharing news and other important information?
This can be great not only for engaging current employees but it provides your new hires with a sense of your company culture and values.

6. Assign a Mentor
Create a buddy system, so when new starters begin, you can match them with someone with similar interests in a completely different department, thus creating more personal relationships without the pressure of performance.

7. Use Milestones
On-boarding is not just something done in a day, it is a structured process that progresses over time, so setting milestones with your new hires helps them work towards something. Feeling appreciated is one thing, but when your company wants to celebrate your milestone with you makes it all worthwhile. It is common for companies to use a coaching review with their employees to facilitate this, you can even digitize everything now and do the coaching review on a tablet, not only saving you time but it keeps everything in one place. Try to include your recruit’s own personal goals during this, as well as their work objectives.

8. Develop Educational Content
Create FAQs for your workforce, giving them answers to common problems can save time.
Provide access to learning material through a knowledge library and include content beyond an employee’s primary job role.

9. Re-asses Your Process
Try to evaluate everything once you have completed your on-boarding to see where you can improve. It is important to receive feedback from your new hires to see where you could have done better. Using surveys is a great tool for helping you decide what to stick with or what to change, again this can be done through your company app. Try to see it from other people’s perspective and keep trying to improve.

9 steps to kick-start you on-boarding process

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