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Everyone can relate to how eLearning courses have become an important part of their working lives. Whether you work in the Manufacturing sector or a Corporate-based role, you will be exposed to eLearning courses in some form throughout your employment.

These courses have taken education to the doorstep of everyone. From children using digital learning tools to busy professionals working 9-5 jobs, eLearning courses have greatly affected many people around the world. eLearning courses have bridged more than just distance, they have ensured the free flow of information and the latest advancement from one corner of the world to another.

An article from Statista – E-learning and digital education – Statistics & Facts show the eLearning market worldwide is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

…ensure that the courses are not simply treated as a tick box exercise

Despite being widely appealing to everyone, creating an eLearning course isn’t your everyday task done on a whim. Rather, it involves taking strategic steps to ensure that the courses are not simply treated as a tick box exercise, instead they are filled with the appropriate details to hook the attention of learners from the beginning to the end.

From navigating through the course content on the website to submitting assignments, each aspect of an eLearning course has to be designed to ease the learning process and suit the needs of every learner. Isn’t that why it is an eLearning course?

Here are six best practices for designing an interesting eLearning course.


Design with your Learner in mind

An eLearning course has to be designed to cater to the needs of your intended learner. The first step to take in achieving this is to know your target audience, identify their educational background, and the skills they need to learn. This will go a long way in creating an eLearning course that will be appealing to your audience.


Content is King

Even for eLearning courses, content is King. An eLearning course with content that offer no new information to the audience will fail to grab the interest of such learners. In addition, your content should have the latest advances in that field and should be written by experts. Remember, contents should appeal to the rational as well as the emotional.



eLearning courses that don’t interact with the audience are unidirectional and are boring as hell. Moreover, lack of interaction makes it difficult for learners to keep track of their own improvement. With interactive components, learners are carried along in the eLearning process. Interactions can come in the form of quizzes, simulations, animations, videos etc. Interaction should be strategically placed, otherwise they can end up distracting learners.


Keeping it Simple

The overall user experience is an integral part of designing a successful eLearning course. Hence, the eLearning platform should be usable across multiple devices. For example, Group Learner’s 3 Blended Learning Delivery Options, which incorporates learning for desktop computers, mobile devices and keypad systems.

…your eLearning platform should be easy to use, it shouldn’t feel like traffic congestion

Additionally, your eLearning platform should be easy to use, it shouldn’t feel like traffic congestion, where navigation is complicated and difficult to use. In addition, the menu, graphics, colour etc., should be designed to ease interaction with the learner.



Assessments are a great way to test the success of your eLearning course and in many instances are a requirement to fulfil a particular job-role. Assessments come in varying formats, from multiple-choice questions to gap-fills.


Evaluation and Feedback

Successful products rely on the public’s opinion to know how to improve them. Similarly, eLearning courses should be evaluated before it is launched to ensure it is widely accepted. After the course has commenced, evaluations should continue as they provide insights into what aspect of the course needs to be improved.


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