When you work in Human Resources, you are the go-to for all things recruitment, for onboarding when you hire the newcomers and for being the access point to the company should anyone need, want or require assistance.

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If you’ve worked for the same company for a number of years (or even just in the same field), it can be troublesome trying to find new words to keep the hype during a hiring period, the communication between employees upbeat, and the overall language of the company fresh, without using the buzzwords that make everyone, including yourself, somewhat sceptical of what you’re saying.

Don’t worry. You’re not the only one! We have all fallen victim to overused buzzwords between colleagues in the office. We catch ourselves repeating the same word so many times in one day that it has lost all meaning for us.

Which buzzword really bothers you the most?

Are there some that you’re still not sure what they even mean, yet have found yourself nodding and smiling along for countless years?

We’ve listed 5 of the buzzwords that vex us the most.

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Think outside the box

While all companies should encourage growth and creative thinking on different matters and different approaches, requesting someone to ‘think outside the box’ rarely induces the desired result. Most people in their right mind sit there after the words have been uttered, annoyed at the fact that they have been said in the first place – rebelling against ever leaving their comfy mind-box!



If you’ve mentioned something being cutting-edge in a recent meeting, chances are that that buzz phrase has been used a thousand times over across the world at the very same time. Question is, if every company that was saying that their advancements were cutting-edge, would anyone really be cutting any edge at all?



Most likely used in the same conversation with the group thinking outside the box. After they have taken some time to think outside the box, the idea they foster is sure to be game changing, no doubt.


Hit the ground running

Often used for a new group of employees, the company is so enthusiastic to have them on board that they want to train them so well that they can inevitably “hit the ground running”.

Love the enthusiasm of it but, I, for one, have never been able to hit the ground running the first couple of days of a new job, more like a slight stumble forward, seven backflips back and a hop, skip and eventual jump hopefully in the right direction.

Hit the ground running on this one and try and eliminate it from your most used buzzphrases.



Another beauty aimed to incite honour in employees about working at a prestigious ‘world-class’ company. Much like our cutting-edge buzzword friend – if we were all world-class, would anything be world-class at all?

We could definitely be world-class and keep aiming higher as the achievements roll in.

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There you have it, the buzzwords and phrases that certainly don’t have us buzzed. The list could go on, but small steps towards change make the significant difference we need in our office language. We wish you all the best of luck trying not to cringe next time you hear yourself or someone uttering these words in your next meeting!