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An effective training program is the foundation of a great performing workforce. To build a new training program or revamp an existing one, there are a few things that can be done to ensure that it will deliver results.

Here are 4 ways to strengthen your training program.

1. Don’t Cut Corners

Training programs can be time-consuming and expensive for a company. It is tempting to cut corners when budgets are tight. However, it is essential training programs are given the adequate time and budget.

Not only does training protect a business and employees from workplace incidents or legal issues, but it allows companies to get the best from their employees. Between interviewing, hiring, training, employees are a significant financial investment that companies need to maximise on. Training will ensure that employees are working safely and effectively.


2. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

For a training program to deliver results, everything needs to be planned carefully, from curriculum to scheduling to teaching to following-up. Without a clear plan and training goals in place, it’s too easy for something to go wrong.

Make sure that conference rooms or necessary work spaces are reserved in advance. Connect with people involved to ensure that they know when and where they need to be. Write out an outline for the training program to ensure that nothing is forgotten or brushed over. Have a second person review the training plan as well.


3. Revisit Basic Principles

According to Forbes, over $87.6 billion was spent on corporate training and development across the United States in 2018. With that kind of money invested in training, it’s important that the principles taught during these sessions stick with employees.

Too many businesses sit their employees through hours-long training sessions and then never discuss the material again. Instead, they should engage the employees in discussions of real-life applications. At the end of the class, ask questions like, “How will the material that you learned today change the way you work?” After the employees return to work, encourage supervisors to ask about the training topics and, at regular intervals, quiz them with a question or two relevant to what they learned.


4. Don’t Burn Them Out on Classroom Training

The worst thing a company can do is schedule a full day of session after session of training. Employees will stop taking in information long before training is completed. To avoid burn out, keep sessions short and hold them multiple times throughout the year. Consider blended learning as well, using eLearning training that they can complete at their leisure before a certain deadline.

Also, ask employees if there are any topics that they’re interested in, and try to make it enjoyable. Don’t read from PowerPoint slides. Engage in discussions, watch videos, have employees pair up, etc. Doing so will help keep them engaged so that they can better absorb the information.



A good training program is essential for an effective workforce and a successful business. With the amount of resources put into training employees, it is absolutely necessary that those resources be put to good use. With these tips, your training program can be strengthened so that you can truly maximize on the investment that is your employees.