Respond Point - Group Training Platform
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Respond Point™ - Group Training Platform

  • Reduce your Workload and Costs by removing paper assessments
  • Enhance your trainee engagement via regular interactive questions
  • Test trainee understanding during your training course
  • Gather instant responses from your trainees and show charts immediately
  • Enhance the quality and trainee enjoyment of your courses


Microsoft_PowerPoint_2013_logo.svgIntegration directly into Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Fully integrated Respond Point™ toolbar within PowerPoint
  • Insert multiple choice question slides into any new or existing presentation
  • Create bespoke End of Course assessments
  • Export responses into Excel for detailed reporting and charting
  • Save and upload Respond Point™ assessments into a Free Online Account

Low Cost and Easy to Use Respond Point™ Keypad Systems



  • Keypads with a 75m+ range and up to 250 keypads per session
  • Using Radio Frequency (RF) therefore no need for line of sight
  • Flexible and multiple keypad kit sizes to meet all needs
  • Robust carry case with extra-long battery life
  • Can be used with Respond Point™ and the Group Learner™ course player

What our Customers say about Respond Point™

Respond Point™ makes our induction so much easier as we don’t have to pull records and look through paper files. Our classroom induction programs are now much more enjoyable for our trainees and much more effective for our trainers.

Chris Myers
Chris Myers Head of ICT, Stafforce Personnel


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