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Problems with Traditional Paper Processes



  • “There’s so much Paperwork & Workload surrounding Document Signoff and Auditing”
  • “I spend ages transferring updates and actions onto different Spreadsheets for tracking”
  • “We don’t know how Compliant our site is”
  • “We can’t run Simple Reports showing what needs to be done”
  • “I’m constantly Chasing Suppliers to make sure all the documents are up to date”
  • “We Spend So Long Preparing for our Customer/BRC Audits”
  • “We can’t Find Paperwork when the auditors are onsite”
  • “We have to be way more prepared now as our audits are Unannounced”

Key Drivers for Change



  • A need to build a robust culture of ongoing compliance
  • A need to build a robust culture of risk management and risk focus
  • A desire to move to a Paperless Factory business model
  • An acknowledgment that current processes are in need of change
  • A reduction in non conformances from customer and other external audits
  • Increased compliance risk within the industry as a whole
  • Unannounced auditing schemes from customers and industry certification bodies
  • A reduction in operation costs whilst at the same time increasing productivity


Impact of Doing Nothing



  • Not achieving a robust culture of Compliance and Risk Management
  • Increased risk of non conformances from customers and external auditors
  • Brand damage due to increased exposure of bad publicity and negative PR
  • Potential loss of customer orders due to lack of compliance
  • Increase in Production downtime to carry out training activities
  • Lost opportunity to increase productivity by not taking advantage of new technologies
  • Potential increased exposure to product recalls and customer complaints
  • Risk of personal injury claim payouts which can be reduced if training can be demonstrated


Why the Nvolve Group™ Paperless Factory Solution?



  • Nvolve Group™ is well established and is a mature offering with an easy roll out plan
  • Helping you build a Robust Compliance Culture
  • A clear Reduction in Printing and Paperwork
  • Increase in Trainee and Trainer Productivity due to quicker training and lower workload
  • The use of tablet devices for training sign off hence the complete removal of paper
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction by demonstrating compliance Preparedness for Unannounced Audits
  • Nvolve Group™ solutions are being used by many existing clients

What our Customers say about Our Solution

Nvolve Group™ allows us to control all our procedures and with appropriate version control. The platform also allows me to view all the information I need when I need it with very little hassle. The operating teams receive reports at the touch of a button which allows them to successfully deploy staff whilst quickly identifying any training requirements.

Darren Helsby
Darren Helsby UK Training Manager, CSM Bakeries


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