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Compliance Training Matrix Made Easy

30 March 2016 Chris Elliott Comments Off on Compliance Training Matrix Made Easy Food Industry, Technology

Free Live Webinar Join like-minded industry colleagues as we demonstrate how you can simplify your compliance training matrix and document paper trail. This webinar is completed. View Upcoming Webinars

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4 Benefits of a Paperless Workplace

8 February 2016 Chris Elliott 2 Comments BRC Audits, Technology

  The costs associated with a paper-based workplace extends far beyond printing costs. Security, time wasted and and poor practices regarding compliance auditing all amount to ‘holding’ an organisation back. The benefits of a paperless workplace far outway those of remaining in a paper-based environment.

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14 Apps that Permanently Changed Their Industry

1 February 2016 Nvolve Group Comments Off on 14 Apps that Permanently Changed Their Industry Food Industry, Technology

‘Digital Disruption’ is a buzz-word/phrase that has has made its way around the internet in recent years, however, it is one that we can all relate to, regardless of the industry we work in. Simply put, disruption is a change that impacts an industry by altering the way we operate, purchase and sell goods and services.

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