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Management commitment: sentenced to be!

6 January 2017 Annmarie Doohan Leave a comment BRC Audits, Food Industry, Food Safety, HACCP

Recent jail sentences to food safety companies’ owners or managers may change the management commitment paradigms Food safety is more than guaranteeing that food does not cause harm to the health of consumers it is also the way food companies ensure their business sustainability. The consequences to their image and costs associated with possible compensation […]

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Preparing for a BRC Audit – Food Safety Standard

24 February 2016 Chris Elliott Leave a comment BRC Global Standards, Food Industry, Food Safety

Download Your White Paper   The BRC Audit White Paper This whitepaper outlines the important stages in preparing for your BRC Audit – Food Safety Standard including: Selecting a certification body Conducting an internal self assessment and 3rd party pre-assessment Selecting an audit option – Announced, Unannounced 1 and 2 and Global Markets option. A […]

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